The Importance of the New Home Buyer Journey – Introduction

The Importance of the New Home Buyer Journey – Introduction

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Home. It can take many shapes, come in various sizes and provide so many different lifestyles.  No matter what, it’s a special place to us all and to most it’s the biggest purchase we will make in our entire life.

The average price of a home in Toronto & GTA hit a record high of $916,567 in March (TREB). In the Hamilton-Burlington area the average was about $557,000 in February (RAHB). With year-over-year average price increases reaching the 30th percentile, it may seem like the values are at a peak. Yet with little supply driving the demand to extreme levels, these numbers could continue to increase, making the home buying process even more stressful for homebuyers these days. These financial concerns exist with both resale and new home purchases in today’s market. Yet, both come with their own addition of concerns on top of the budget.


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    While buyers continue to purchase homes in the resale market at inflated prices in the midst of multiple offers, new home buyers are faced with other concerns. Builders can proactively take steps to alleviate some of these concerns in an effort to build positive sentiment around their brand and help improve the overall new home buying experience.

    In this 6 Series Blog, I will provide some insights on key stages of the new home buying journey and tips on how builders can connect with homebuyers and create meaningful customer relationships.
    Stay tuned for our first post about ensuring visibility online as a builder during the customer’s initial need and search stage of buying a new home.

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