Leonardi General Contractors Inc. Website

Helping a multi-faced construction company provide a streamlined online experience

Leonardi Construction is a GTA-based Construction company that was looking for a Professional website that would showcase the vast number of construction services they provided. As a multifaceted company offering a variety of different services, special consideration had to be paid to how to prioritize and showcase content in a manner that would allow any client to find what they were looking for without becoming overwhelmed.

The objective was to provide a streamlined design that would ensure that each user can find the content they are looking for in a timely and clear manner. New Street Media put a lot of thought and time into creating a design that would house a variety of different services without discouraging someone looking specific information from accessing it because of confusion, clutter or lack of intuitive design. This provided a unique challenge that the NSM team was excited to take on.

As with all websites NSM created, the entire website was a custom UI/UX design and development, ensuring a completely unique aesthetic that enhances the brand and messaging, while addressing the design challenges faced with a multi-service company.

The result is a simple, branded design and a distinctive ease of use for all visitors to the site. The custom wordpress design also means that Leonardi Construction in-house team can easily manage, change and adjust content as needed including text, images and clients; allowing them to continuously keep their website up the date as their business grows and evolves.